Tip Top Shape Tip #2 + another GIVEAWAY!

This week’s prize is worth $130!

Tip Top Shape Tip #2

Get your yard in Shape!

Winter is over (finally!) and signs of new life are everywhere. It’s time to clean up the yard to give it a strong start for the upcoming growing year. Time spent right now will make a greater impact than a month from now. Here are some areas to focus on as you get your yard into shape:
-pick up branches & leaves that are leftover from fall and winter
-aerate and dethatch your lawn, if needed
-prune back your trees and bushes, especially those that are growing against the house (this is important for keepings pests away too)
-remove dead plants from your beds
-spruce up your beds with new mulch
-apply fertilizer, grub control and weed control to your lawn

Speaking of signs of new life everywhere, spring also brings the return of ants, spiders and other pests! Treating pests early in the year prevents infestation later. A perimeter treatment is a great offensive play you can make in the fight against pests. I’ve teamed up with Environmental Pest Control, Inc. and we’re giving away a FREE exterior spider spray, a value of $130! Environmental Pest Control will come and brush away nests and webs from your home, including window frames, door frames, porch lights and under eaves. Then they will go back and spray all of those areas as well as the perimeter of your home. Taking the time to treat against pests now will make a big difference in the months ahead.

To enter: head on over to my facebook page to check out the contest. Here is a direct link to the contest post: click here

Remember: a home that is well cared for, in and out, is always worth more!

BONUS: SAVE $10 when you book a spider spray with Environmental Pest Control by May 19th. Just mention you saw this on my page. Check out their website: http://www.epestcontrol.net/ or call them at 360.676.5120


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