Tip Top Shape Tip #4: Declutter and Decorate!

This seems obvious, but it’s always a good reminder to declutter your home! Most of us are guilty for owning more than we need and the little extra here and there really adds up. Don’t wait until you’re moving or selling your home to clear things out, the time is now. It can feel overwhelming at times and because we don’t know where to start we often don’t start at all. But decluttering is so worth it! You’ll enjoy your home more, and chances are you’ll find you’re sitting on some cash too. Consider having a garage sale or posting your extra stuff on a buy/sell site. If you don’t want to take the time to sell your extra items there are plenty of donation locations around our area.

Decluttering is important when listing a home for sale, too. I’ve teamed up with Rachel, of ReCreated, to help my clients when they’re preparing to put their house on the market. Rachel has an eye for design and spends a couple hours in my client’s home before they list. She gives them advice on how to best show their home. I’ve asked her to share a few tips about decluttering and decorating.
1. Identify the room’s purpose. There are times when a room is being used for more than it’s intended purpose. As a result it can be overfilled with furniture and decor. Define the identity of the room and remove any unnecessary furniture. Opening up the room will make it feel bigger.
2. Skip the small stuff. When shopping for home decor, so many of us pick the small or less expensive item, because we all love a good deal right. But that usually leaves us with a lot of small things that create a feeling of clutter. Instead consider a larger item… hold off buying the small things for a time to save up for the large one. It makes a statement in the room and having a focal point is key when decorating.
3. Just because you own it, doesn’t mean you have to use it. Often times when I’m staging a room, I feel like I should use everything that the home owner has set out to re-used, as well as the things I’ve brought to fill it all in. In the end I stand back, look and take at least 3-4 things away. Less is more, and just because you already own it, doesn’t mean it has to be used.

Rachel’s RealEstate partnership with me is a very small portion of what she does. Rachel spends most of her “ReCreated” time designing and making home decor, clocks and furniture. In celebration of decluttering and falling in love with our homes again, we’ve partnered to give away a custom clock! The winner will be able to choose from any of ReCreated’s clocks, value up to $100.

Head on over to my Facebook page to check out the contest. Direct link here.

// Remember, a home that is well cared for, in and out, is always worth more. //

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