ferndaleLocated in the northwest corner of Washington State near the Nooksack River, Ferndale was officially incorporated on March 19, 1907. Once called Jam because of its location next to a logjam on the river, the City was renamed Ferndale by the school teacher who admired ferns that once grew around the original school house.


Today, Ferndale is a vibrant community of 11,998 people (2012 city-data), located on the Interstate 5 corridor, approximately 6 miles north of Belling-ham and 13 miles south of the Canadian Border. There are many nearby attractions including Mount Baker, the San Juan Islands, numerous lakes, and the Nooksack River. Ferndale also en-joys a close proximity to Vancouver, British Columbia.


Ferndale is Whatcom County’s fastest growing community and is expected to evolve into a major business arena. If you are looking for a growing community that cares, then Ferndale is the place for you!